Our company provides Building Information Modelling (BIM) services to the construction industry.  We provide a service that is valuable to general contractors, sub-contractors, building owners, engineers and architects.  It is our goal to ensure your construction project is completed on time and within budget.

Virtual Design & Construction

At VDC, we take the design documents and virtually construct the building from start to finish in a 3D BIM model.  This 3D model contains all building components including structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.  By creating a BIM model early in the design phase, we can visualize how the finished product will be constructed before construction begins.

Complete Construction Documents

Technical Drawing (construction documents)

When you use our services, there are no longer multiple sets of drawings to be working from. We combine all information from the architectural and structural drawings into one complete set of drawings that are easy to read and understand.

Data & Deliverables

Technical Drawing (construction deliverables)

Our virtual models contain valuable data regarding all aspects of the construction process.  We can produce a wide variety of deliverables including: bill of materials, general layouts, detailed structural steel drawings, rebar schedules, and electronic fabrication files (cnc data).  Working together with you, we can also produce schedules and project management solutions to suit your needs.

Errors & Omissions

Using our BIM services can significantly reduce design errors and omissions.  It gives earlier insight into problems with the design and allows opportunities for the design to be improved.  The number of “requests for information” required on a project will be significantly reduced which will save time for everyone involved in the construction process.


The virtual model can be used to look at the various stages of construction and help identify when and where safety issues may be a concern.  Simply changing the erection sequence can help provide a safer working environment.


We use TeklaStructures software for our 3D models.  This detailing software helps ensure there are no conflicts in the finished product.  Our quality control and checking procedures ensure that all projects are detailed accurately, adhere to building codes, and follow client standards.  Once the model is complete, you can view the model using the free model viewer software called Tekla BIMsight.

Lean Construction

When all components of the building are included in the model, accurate bill of materials can be produced.  The exact quantities of materials can be ordered resulting in less waste.